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Wearable Cam

La videconferencia perfecta para supervisar tareas ahora con el dispositivo más versatil y con las manos libres


The Glass Enterprise and Streye make you more efficient and productive

Our Streye Suite on the new Glass Enterprise, you will be able to boost performance, efficiency and safety in your organization. Discover how our tools can help you manage all production processes easily and intuitively.


GLASS v1.0

Partner Developer Pack

Everything a company needs to get ready to develop a solution for Glass Enterprise Edition.

Streye Platform ™

Streye Platform is a secure real-time multi-device management platform to administer and control your company or institution’s technological deployment. Develop and deploy, take advantage of our app and infrastructure services.

Device Management

Control your devices and wearables from a secure web environment, being able to install apps OTA, update your OS, getting to know status, performance and location.

Big Data Information

Obtain apps and devices performance information and users behaviour. Get to know required info to assess return on investment.

Maximum Security

SSL-encrypted users and data management. Deploy your apps securely to your wearables without using public marketplaces.

Streye Suite ™

It is a Smart Glass-based app suite that boosts enterprise workflow optimization through devices such as Glass Enterprise™, Epson Moverio and other wearables.

Reduce Costs

Access information delay-free and directly from anywhere.

Increase Performance

Carry out, consult and improve each daily task and process, hands free.

Maximize Efficiency

Increase your own productivity as well as your team’s. Achieve optimization in all your company's departments.

Streye Live & Streye Live Pro

Stream live events through Youtube Live or broadcast in a more private way through the PRO solution

With the new version of Streye Live and Streye Live Pro, you can stream your smart glasses point of view and share it with your collaborators live. With Streye Live you can broadcast to YouTube so that your channel subscribers can watch it. If you want to have your videos available on your channel, but not shared with your subscribers, you can set them as Private before broadcasting.

If you want to enjoy less latency in your live broadcast, real-time interaction and your own private and secure platform, then Streye Live Pro is for you. Send the access link to your collaborators with the event ID so they may start watching your broadcast from their Web browser or from our Android app. In addition, your collaborators will be able to communicate with you by chat.

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Streye Team

Streaming collaboration to share your line of vision thanks to Glass Enterprise™

A New Experience in streaming collaboration enabling first-party line of vision sharing and carry out teleassistance. You may also use it as a training element by sharing activities as an expert.

Streye Checkr

Create your own checklists for workflow and procedures. Manage them through Glass Enterprise™

Follow instructions and procedures hands free using a Smart Glass. Execute either sequential or decision-tree checklists. Create reports with images for auditing and process achievement follow-up

Streye Alert

Notifications on your eyesight

Thanks to the Streye secure platform, you can generate your own alerts manually or through our API, fully automated from your own systems.

Streye Link

Consult information in real time

Retrieve any relevant information for managing and organizing your business.

Streye Logistic

Control and Manage your warehouse effortlessly

Prepare orders, check inventory or merchandise reception directly from Glass Enterprise™.

Comments on Streye Suite™

Success Cases

Rafael Grossman

Asst. Clinical Profressor University of Vermont College of Medicine

"With Streye Box, I had my Smart Glass on at all times, The live video images were projected remotely. I was able to show the endoscopic view, in a very clever, simple and inexpensive way."

Homero Rivas

Director of Innovative Surgery at Stanford University

"Surgical checklist, like Streye Checkr, reduces complications by one third and deaths among inpatients after big operations have decreased by more than 40%."

Dr. Marlies Schijven

Professor of Surgery Amsterdam Academic Medical Center

"With the use of Streye Team whether in live surgery, training or simulation, we realized about an increase in safety and accuracy in the performance of our work."

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About us

A Great Team to develop proven solutions

Streye is a referential company on the creation of Wearable technology Solutions that increase productivity in healthcare and business. Streye intends to become a world leader in the development of software solutions for Glassware products.