Partner Developer Pack

Everything a company needs to get ready to develop a solution for Glass Enterprise Edition.

The PDP brings together the hardware, accessories, developer documentation and support needed to start or continue the Glass journey.

Who should purchase the PDP?


The PDP is meant for companies that are focused on building and delivering solutions to their Glass user base. This is not a hardware reseller program. Streye is the only company authorized to sell the Glass PDPs.

There are 3 types of association you may seek through the purchasing of the PDP:

1. Pre-qualification for Glass Partnership.
2. Companies that need/wish to develop their own applications for internal deployment.
3. Companies that need/wish to develop their own applications for external deployment as non-Glass Partner
In all cases, Streye offers its proven Streye Platform PaaS capabilities.


The PDP is available for sale worldwide. Streye ships the product from its USA or from its EU business addresses.


In order to purchase the PDP a Company must:

1. Customer must transact via Credit Card/Purchase Order
2. Agree to the terms of sale

What´s included with this pack?


The PDP consists of 8 Glass units and related accessories. The Glass units are specific to a geographic region. In addition to the units.

The following accessories are included in the PDP:

- 4 Titanium Bands
- 2 Prescription Frames
- 2 Prescription Safety Frames
- 2 Safety Shields

No changes to the contents of the PDP are allowed.

Additional information


Customers purchasing the PDPs will be granted access to a password-protected website which contains the SDK and API documentation, the latest releases of the Glass OS, and a developer support forum for users to post their questions. The Glass development team, Streye, or user community will respond to the posts.


All Glass devices come with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. If a problem is encountered with the device, please contact Streye Support team at to determine if a warranty replace is possible.

Please contact for general, business-related PDP matters.

Streye offers extra 1-year warranty via online store.


All sales are final. We do not accept returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I purchase more than one PDP?
A. Yes, companies can purchase 1 or many PDPs based on available inventory.

Q. Can I change the contents of the PDP?
A. The Quantity and SKUs in the PDP can not be changed. If you require separate units, Streye will offer them with software at a different price.

Q. Can I have a PDP with 4 US and 4 EU devices?
A. No, however you will have to purchase them separately from both locations, in the USA and the EU.

Q. What’s the difference between the US and EU PDPs?
A. The Glass electronic components are certified for use in specific regions.

Q. What if I need more devices for development?
A. Partners can purchase additional PDPs for development based on availability. For development, we recommend purchasing additional PDPs.

Q. What if I need devices for a pilot?
A. Streye is in a position to make you an offer for your specific piloting needs as we deploy a full standalone app suite for smart glasses and with our own platform, significantly reducing your expenses.

Q. What if my customer wants to buy more devices?
A. If a Company’s customer wants to purchase more devices to use in their environment, please contact Streye’s business development at

Q. Can I pay with a credit card?
A. Yes, we accept credit cards via our Streye online store. We can also provide electronic invoicing if the Company issues a Purchase Order via

Q. Do you offer discounts or special pricing?
A. There are no discounts or special pricing for the PDP.

Q. If I purchase the PDP, does that mean I can be listed on your website?
A. The partner listing on the Glass website are a separate process from the PDP. If you are interested in understanding the requirements to be listed on our website please contact the Glass team