GLASS v1.0

Android KitKat

Partner Developer Pack

Everything a company needs to get ready to develop a solution for Glass Enterprise Edition.

El PDP re├║ne el hardware, accesorios, documentaci├│n de desarrollo y el soporte necesarios para comenzar o continuar el camino con Glass.

Who should purchase the PDP?


The PDP is meant for companies that are focused on building and delivering solutions to their Glass user base. This is not a hardware reseller program. Streye is the only company authorized to sell the Glass PDPs.

There are 3 types of association you may seek through the purchasing of the PDP:

1. Pre-qualification for Glass Partnership.
2. Companies that need/wish to develop their own applications for internal deployment.
3. Companies that need/wish to develop their own applications for external deployment as non-Glass Partner

In all cases, Streye offers its proven Streye Platform PaaS capabilities.


The PDP is available for sale worldwide. Streye ships the product from its USA or from its EU business addresses.


In order to purchase the PDP a Company must:

1. Customer must transact via Credit Card/Purchase Order
2. Agree to the terms of sale