Streye Logistic

Control and manage a warehouse more efficiently.

The Streye Logistic application allows users to manage a warehouse using Glass Enterprise, leading to a more versatile and complete hands-free operation.

Streye Logistic

Manage your work orders, check your inventory, all with Streye Logistic.

The application allows an employee working in a warehouse to perform all logistics operations with a SmartGlass device, reducing the time of each operation in a warehouse, generating cost savings.

Inventory control & stocking

Stocking the products in store, allowing to match real physical units as compared to the logical data in a WMS or ERP.

Work Orders Management

Place orders or verify units prepared by the employee using a barcode reader via Glass Enterprise or infrared devices, all connected by Bluetooth.

Statistical Reports

Creates reports to verify number of orders placed, list of prepared products and setup times.