Glass Enterprise & Streye

How Glass Enterprise helps you improve productivity in your organization in conjunction with Streye

This is the perfect combination to reduce mistakes and incidents, thanks to our protocol manager. Be faster in solving problems with our Remote Assistance Streamer, and act immediately upon receiving alerts.

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A new design and the best features

More information

Glass Enterprise has a larger prism and screen so there is more info at a glance. All the info you require right in front of your eye.

More power

Glass Enterprise has greatly-improved processing power, memory and storage, which allows you to achieve far more than ever before.

More Autonomy

CBattery duration has increased by 50% so you can work longer problem-free.

Glass Enterprise EE Specifications

WIFISupports 2.4 / 5 GHz . 802.1x
BLUETOOTHMultiple devices connection, BLE
PHOTOSPhotos 5MP, Supports HDPI
SENSORSCapacitive Head Sensor, Barometer, Magnetometer, Wink Sensor, Blink Sensor, Hinge Effect Sensor

IT Services





These are some of our clients who are now using Glass Enterprise and Streye

IT Services


Grifols is a worldwide leading pharmaceutical company. They have deployed the Streye Enterprise solution for Glass Enterprise for their systems operators located all over the world to be in immediate contact with a team of engineers in Barcelona and with IT Support staff in the United States; the main purpose is to receive expert advice remotely or technical support when carrying out whether a new installation or dealing with an IT equipment maintenance task. Grifols IT team is able to respond much more efficiently to incidents or queries. By working hands-free, regardless of the location, it's also more cost-effective thanks to the possibilities offered by Glass Enterprise.



MAPFRE is the leading insurance company in Spain and one of the largest worldwide; it has been taking advantage of Glass Enterprise deployment for its business processes. Field assessors wearing Glass Enterprise and a wireless keyboard carry out the assessment procedures for insured vehicles. This allows them to take a photographic report prior to repairs, among other things. After the all the procedures have been completed, the information generated by Streye Checkr on Glass Enterprise synchronizes with MAPFRE’s corporate system, enabling immediate access to assessment input contained in the insured client’s file. Since Streye Checkr functions offline, the field assessor is also able to carry out several assessment tasks regardless of the vehicle location; information is saved on the Glass Enterprise device until there is a connection available to upload it to the corporate servers. MAPFRE now has immediate access to information, making vehicle assessments faster and more orderly.



Streye Alert for Glass Enterprise is effectively deployed on temperature control systems. The furnaces for glass production only function properly within a limited temperature range; the technicians wearing this integrated Glass Enterprise solution are able to carry out several extra procedures without needing to remain in one place, but are still able to respond immediately to any alert displayed on their screens.



Demonstration of surgical procedures is one of the essential learning modes in surgical education and still remains a cornerstone in surgical training. Therefore, attending surgery in the operating room is an integrated part of the official minor program for the 3rd year medical students with interest in surgical field. To make sure students get optimal surgical education, several surgeries have been broadcasted during the minor program in Plastic & Reconstructive and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Streye Enterprise for Glass Enterprise was used to establish the two-way audio and video communication between Glass (surgeon) and the observer (students). A proper Wi-Fi connection in the operating room was required for maintaining the broadcast.


Our clients already have verified how Glass Enterprise + Streye improve their business


Increased productivity quality

Reducing employee time on quality control tasks


Cost Reduction

Owing to user-friendliness and minimizing personnel’s learning curve


Savings on Potential Expenditures

By deploying wearable technology on behalf of customer service