Streye Checkr

Manage your own checklists using Glass Enterprise™

Verify your staff perform successfully every checklist step as part of your company’s Standard Operating Procedures. Create your own quality, safety or workflow protocols so your staff can have clear and immediate access to them.

Streye Checkr

Supervise procedures and verify results.

Access the platform and create and assign your own checklists. Receive information on achieved tasks and verify evidence of performed work by your staff.

Easy to Use

The app displays user-friendly screens where the user only has to answer Yes or No, Check the Step to confirm each procedure.

Create decision trees

Streye Checker allows to create intelligent procedures through logic decision trees as to assist in decision making.

Private Checklists

Checklists are assigned to users or user groups so that the company does not have to share all procedures with all staff.

Automated reports

When a checklist is performed Glass Enterprise verifies it and send the information to a server, generating a report then sent to a supervisor

No Internet Required

The app only requires internet to sync with the server. Once synchronized, the user is able to work offline.

Attach Image & Video

The app allows to attach an image or video to checklists as backup data for performance.

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